A Fun App to Improve Your Visual Diagnosis Skills

Experience and react to realistic patient encounters that require quick clinical responses, just like a real medical clinic, with Top Doc, a new medical quiz App from Elsevier and Legacy Interactive.

Top Doc includes 600 high quality photographs reflecting common diagnoses. You fill in the missing letters of the diagnosis, as quickly as you can. Choose review or test modes, at novice or expert levels of difficulty. Questions automatically adjust to your knowledge level. Share your high scores with friends on Facebook and be the TOP DOC!


"Top Doc was built upon a foundation of providing challenging, real-world questions illustrated by high quality medical images. With this platform, users are able to experience and react to realistic patient encounters that require quick, concise clinical responses."

– Amber Tully, M.D., Assistant Professor of Family Medicine, Jefferson Medical College, Thomas Jefferson University Hospital, and Top Doc's co-author

"We want users to feel as though they are facing and dealing with relevant scenarios within a virtual medical clinic."

– James Studdiford, M.D., FACP, Associate Professor Department of Family and Community Medicine, Jefferson Medical College, Thomas Jefferson University, and Top Doc’s lead author

"What an effective and enjoyable way to test, refresh, and increase my knowledge! The program provides clear, vivid images and a very user-friendly format. The review mode is a useful feature, as well."

– Navdeep Chehl, a reviewer and fourth-year medical student at Jefferson Medical College

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